Maximo offers great housing options in traditional family-stays, The Family Place, hostels, and hotels.

The Family House – Bed, Breakfast & Dinner (Peru only)

The Family House offers accommodations similar to a traditional family-stay, but with more independence and privacy. Both private and shared rooms are available as are private and shared bathrooms. Your stay includes breakfast, and dinner Monday through Sunday. There’s lots of opportunity to practice your Spanish with Mauricio, Ruth, Lidia and the rest of our staff. The Family House is within walking distance (20-25 minutes) from the Maximo Nivel offices.


Family-stays are all with pre-approved families and include breakfast and dinner Monday through Sunday. Family-stays include a shared room with a shared bath. Private rooms and bathrooms are available for an additional charge, but availability is limited. Guests are free to come and go as they please, but they must respect the routine and rules of the family. All family-stays are within walking distance (10-25 minutes) or within a 5-minute taxi/bus ride from the Maximo Nivel office.


Maximo Nivel works with three different hostels, and you may elect this option if you want to save money while still remaining 100% independent. All hostels are clean and safe with excellent service and amenities including TV rooms and 24-hour kitchens. Hostel accommodations include private rooms with private bath, and all hostels are walking distance (5-15 minutes) from the Maximo Nivel office.

Private Apartment

Private apartments are all very comfortable and fully furnished. Apartments come with equipped kitchens including all plates and utensils required to live comfortably and cook for yourself. Apartments are centrally located and are within easy walking distance or a short taxi/bus ride to the Maximo Nivel office.

Hotel (3-Star)

Maximo Nivel works with two 3-star hotels, both of which are modern and comfortable with all the necessary amenities plus breakfast is included. All hotel rooms are private with a private bath. If you desire more luxurious accommodations please request the hotel option when you register and we will email you with a separate price.