Spanish Program Options

Maximo Nivel has a variety of programs tailored to your specific learning requirements. 

Small Group

Small group classes can range in size from 2 - 8 people.  Most groups are 3 - 6 people and sometimes even less. Small group classes provide a great balance between personalized attention to your learning needs and a strong base for discussion and conversation practice.  Group classes start every Monday throughout the year.  Groups are formed based around similar levels of learners and Maximo Nivel offers groups from Basic to Advanced.  Classes take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. A free diagnostic exam to determine your level is conducted prior to placing you in a group.  Group classes are offered at all levels, basic through advanced.

Private Classes

Private classes are specially tailored to your specific needs and interests. This is the most intensive and fastest method for learning Spanish. Following a diagnostic exam to determine your level, we discuss your learning preferences and goals in order to design your exact program. Private classes are recommended for people that have specific needs (e.g. conversation only, more/less grammar, younger than 15 years, Survival Spanish, etc.). Our private classes are arranged by hours and can start any day of the week. All levels, basic through advanced, as well as advanced university courses in subjects such as literature, history, and culture are available in private classes.

Super Intensive

Maximo Nivel's Super Intensive Spanish program is 6 hours per day.  This program works best when coupled with a traditional family-stay in order to maximize your speaking time.  Super Intensive study is recommended for learners who want to quickly move up the learning ladder and/or who want to break a learning plateau.  Super Intensive programs are also excellent for university students and business professionals who want maximum gains in the least amount of time.  All levels, basic through advanced, are taught in both group and private classes.  Advanced university courses in subjects such as literature, history, and culture are also available in private classes.

Spanish for Special Purposes

Spanish for Special Purposes refers to Medical Spanish and Business Spanish—both programs are available at Maximo Nivel.  Our SSP teachers are experienced Spanish teachers with additional expertise and education in Business and Medicine and have taught these specialized courses for at least 3 years.  SSP programs are intended for medical students, traveling doctors and nurses, and business people who need specialized Spanish for their careers.  SSP Classes are taught in 2-hour and 4-hour blocks.

Adventure & Culture

For a getaway that maximizes both your language learning and your travel, try one of our Adventure & Culture options. The Trek & Study, Mini Adventure, and Full Adventure programs combine intensive Spanish language studies with the best tours and treks that Peru, Costa Rica, and Guatemala have to offer.  All tours and treks are led by licensed, experienced guides, all of whom speak both Spanish and English.
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