TEFL Courses Abroad

If you’re looking for an internationally accredited TEFL certification course as a career break, travel adventure, or for international work experience, Maximo Nivel has exactly what you want.

We have years of experience providing TEFL/TESOL qualifications and helping teachers and travelers realize their dreams working and living all over the world.


Teaching English internationally is a life-changing experience, and gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, to learn new languages, and to help others learn your language. It is also an excellent way to build international credentials on your professional resume/CV.

Why Maximo Nivel?

Maximo Nivel’s TEFL courses are internationally accredited and are recognized by language institutes, universities, and schools all over the world. We put a lot into our TEFL Certification program—making it fun, intense, and one of the best learning experiences of your life! That’s our goal.

English Teaching Certification

The Maximo Nivel TEFL Certification program is your first step toward more travel, more adventure, and better prospects as an English teacher. (…more)

TEFL/TESOL Program Options

Onsite 4 Week/150-hour Certification, Accelerated-Hybrid Certification, Online/Distance Certification, Teaching Business English Certification and International Exam Preparation Certification are all available through Maximo Nivel TEFL/TESOL programs (…more)

Careers in English Teaching

Maximo Nivel offers you lifetime job-finding support, which means that our executive team is at your service before, during, and after the course to make sure you find a teaching position. (…more)

TEFL Instructors

Maximo Nivel’s instructors and teacher-trainers are highly qualified ESL professionals with years of experience teaching ESL and training ESL teachers. (…more)

TEFL/TESOL Accreditation

As an internationally accredited institute, Maximo Nivel must adhere to strict codes of practice and maintain the highest professional standards. (…more)


Our offices have been designed with the needs of our students in mind. Every school has free Wifi and access to computers and high-speed Internet, along with an on-site snack bar with free coffee and tea. (…more)


Accommodations available include shared or private rooms with a host family, shared or private rooms in a student residence (Peru & Guatemala only), or private apartments, as well as hotel and hostel options. (…more)

Program Dates for TEFL Courses

TEFL/TESOL Certification courses are offered 11 months out of the year with the first course of the year starting mid-January and the last course of the year ending mid-December. (…more)


Our TEFL/TESOL Certification Program is available in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. (…more)

Adventure & Culture Add-ons

To complement our other International Programs, Máximo Nivel offers two options that add exciting, world class adventure and cultural travel to your experience. (…more)