Volunteer in Construction Projects

Build, mix, clean, paint, cut, install—improve a home, school, or orphanage working on a construction project.

Volunteering for Construction Projects

Volunteers on construction projects work on repairing or building new homes and schools for orphaned children or for rural villages. Construction work is physically demanding, including digging, removing dirt, carrying bricks, mixing cement, plastering, painting, cleaning, and various other needs related to construction.

Work days are normally Monday – Friday though this may vary based on weather, project needs, and construction schedule. At all times, volunteers are supported by Maximo Nivel’s in-country coordinators. Construction projects are always led by professional foremen, architects, and engineers who determine the work program.

The President’s Volunteer Service Award

Earn the United States’ President’s Volunteer Service Award! All you need to do is complete a minimum of 100 hours of service and we will verify your volunteer work and send you your award pin, certificate, and letter from the president.